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What is Sealcoat: The sealcoat used in our region (Kitsap County and all of Washington) is typically an asphalt emulsion, water based sealant. We use Cascade Asphalt's Armorseal A-100 HD premier asphalt sealer.

Why Should you Sealcoat : Asphalt is a pourous material that is susceptible to damage from both the Sun and Rain. Sealcoat provides the following benefits:
1.) Protects Asphalt from Oxidation (graying) and Unraveling.
2.) Protects against sub-base errosion and asphalt failure.
3.) It looks great! Affordable way to boost your home or business' curb appeal.
4.) Regular maintenance can double the life of your asphalt!  

When Should you Sealcoat: It is best to let newly laid asphalt cure a minimum of 90 days before sealcoating. Sealcoat also needs to be applied at 60­°F or warmer, here in Kitsap County our working season runs from Mid-May to Early October. How often you should seal depends on the amount traffic the asphalt is exposed to. Your typical driveway should be sealcoated every 4-7 years while Commercial Lots should be sealed approximately every 3-5 years. It is possible to sealcoat too often, this results in poor adhesion, flaking sealcoat, and/or cracking of the sealcoat.  

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W hat is Cracksealer:​ Cracksealer is a rubberized tar enhanced with different polymers and binders. It is melted and heated to approximately 350°F-400°F before being applied.  

Why Should you Crackseal: Asphalt inevitable forms cracks throughout its lifespan  and it is important to treat these cracks as they form. Cracks allow for increased amounts of water to penetrate the sub-base of your asphalt, as sub-base is eroded failed areas of asphalt and potholes are formed. Cracksealing helps minimize crack size and helps to prevent costly repairs in the future. 

When Should you Crackseal:  ​As soon as your start to notice cracks in your driveway. Cracksealing is an affordable service that plays a significant role in prolonging the life of your asphalt. Once you start to notice cracks in your asphalt it is recommended to cracksealing every 2-3 years.

Asphalt Repair

What is Asphalt Repair:  Asphalt repair is required when an area of the asphalt has failed. There are a few different repair options but all application result in the installation of new Hot-Mix Asphalt.

Why Should you Repair your Asphalt:  Areas of failed asphalt allow for large quantities of water to reach and deteriorate the sub-base. Unrepaired areas can quickly become larger and spread thoughout the entirety of the asphalt. Failed areas of asphalt typically create tripping hazards, pot holes, and other hazardous conditions throughout your pavement.

When Should you Repair your Asphalt:  If you notice sunken or areas with highly concentrated cracking, the asphalt is most likely in need of repair. We look for and  notify all of our customers if we spot any areas of asphalt that could use repair.   

Pavement Marking

What is Pavement Marking: Line Striping or Pavement Markings are the different painted lines, arrows, symbols, etc. you see in parking lots and on the roadways. The paint itself is designed specifically for vehicle traffic and is typically a latex or solvent based paint. Thermoplastic or Epoxy are used instead of paint in certain applications of pavement markings as well.

Why do you Need Pavement Markings: Pavement Markings dictate the flow of traffic in parking lots and on roadways. They highlight tripping hazards such as curbing, speed bumps, and steps. They inform drivers where they can and cannot park. Markings such as Handicap Stalls are required in parking lots and have specific rules in terms of their dimensions and quantity. Pavement markings maximize the efficiency of your parking lot and also give your asphalt a fresh new look.

When Should you Apply Pavement Markings: Pavement Markings typically last 2-3 years in our climate, however the amount of traffic the markings recieve have a significant impact on lifespan .